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Restoring Balance with Geranium essential oil aromareflex blends

Updated: May 16, 2022

In my garden These are floaty, blowsy Geraniums from my garden bringing with them a welcome splash of vibrant colour even on the rainiest of days, a delicate fragrance that lingers in pockets of the garden depending on what direction the wind is blowing in. So delicate, yet robust enough to stay outside, with repeating flowers that keep going throughout the early summer months for us. They have nearly finished their initial flush now but I can still enjoy their aroma indoors with my essential oils.

Geranium as an essential oil

My garden flowers cousin Geranium varieties, used for essential oil extraction are botanically known as Pelargonium graveolens or odoratissimum. Both it's flowers and leaves are used during a distillation process to extract the oil. In aromatherapy terms it's floral fragrance is a mid tone, so blends well with a wide range of other complementary oils that I can mix into a balm, cream, spritz or pop in an inhaler for you. It works really well with Bergamot and Lavender. So it's a very versatile and useful oil to have on hand.

What I use it for

As an advanced Aromareflex practitioner I predominantly use this beautiful fragrance for female clients wishing to restore their natural hormonal balance. It is known as the hormone Regulator. Commonly used when extra support may be needed, during times of greater than normal stress which can disrupt your natural body rhythms and menstrual cycle, for example, when PMS is more acute or periods heavier, when preparing for conception but predominantly I use this more for clients going through peri-menopause and menopause when this oil definitely takes the central stage for most of my clients during this phase of their life. It's great for dry, mature skin too. I work with you, to pick and chose the right blend of oils during your reflexology treatment, to meet your needs. It is also well known for its diuretic properties so is also wonderful for supporting the lymphatic system to help the body clear infection and aid in the reduction of fluid retention caused by overactivity of the body's natural immune response. If a client is also going through an emotional time, it can be helpful to soothe emotions associated with depression, grief and is said to support matters of the heart. If you are interested in Chinese medicine and energies, you will also be interested to know that it supports the Heart meridian, triple heater and the Water, Fire and Earth elements. If you are interested in Energy Healing, it supports the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you enjoyed this blog post about geranium essential oil, you may also like my Summer Scent blog where I talk about Jasmine. To find more about the different Aromareflex blends I can offer you, why not take advantage of this Summer's special offers available from my Create Breathing Room in Maidenhead in the UK. If you need support or would like to book on to a workshop, do get in touch. For more free resources sign up for my newsletter and receive your free gifts.

Shelley Mason MAR

Reflexologist and NLP Practitioner

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