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Relax into Reflexology

Mobile Reflexology Services in the UK, Maidenhead and the surrounding area.
Promoting Wellbeing, Relaxation, Improved Mood and Aided Sleep.



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Reflexology is a holistic therapy

that uses massage techniques and the application of pressure

to specific points on the feet, hands or face to help restore balance to both body and mind.

This natural and non invasive therapy can create an overall feeling of wellbeing for some, while others feel revitalised and energised by the experience.  It aids relaxation, whilst stimulating the immune system to encourage the body's self healing processes.

Improved circulation, a calming effect that contibutes to reduced stress levels and deep relaxation to aid restful sleep are just some of the more common benefits of reflexology.

Reflexology is not only great for us it is also kind to our environment as well.  My business is carbon neutral, the energy I use is renewable and the products I use are organic where ever possible.  Partnered with Tree-Nation.  So every treatment you have with me will result in the planting of more trees across the planet.

To find out more and experience the benefits of reflexology for yourself, why not make an appointment for a consultation and treatment.


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