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Advanced Aromareflex

Aromareflex combines all the benefits of having a Reflexology treatment with the therapeutic properties of essential oils thrown in.

If you would like some support relaxing to recharge, revive so that you can focus at work after a big night out, or maybe you would like to bring things back into balance and reduce nausea or just aid your sleep. Give Aromareflex a try.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

Organic essential oils are used to make up an Aromareflex blend, tailored to your needs which is then applied during your chosen treatment.


You can also take this blend home for self application as part of your aftercare between treatments. This could be in the form of cream, balm, rollette, inhaler or foot spritz depending on your needs.

Here are some of the more common treatment objectives clients ask for

🌿 Relax
🌿 Revive
🌿 Detox
🌿 Muscular Skeletal/Aches and pains
🌿 Immunity boost
🌿 Hormonal Balance
🌿 Pregnancy/Labour Focus
🌿 Reproductive Health
🌿 Circulation Support
🌿 Supporting a Depressive Condition
🌿 Digestive ease

Please note, Aromareflex is not the same as Aromatherapy.

I am personally insured to use a combination of 18 Essentials oils, so what I do only scratches the surface and potential of what essential oils can do but it is a great introduction and boosts the benefits of reflexology.


I would recommend contacting a registered, insured local Aromatherapist if you wish to explore this modality further including self application safely for more specific ailments and conditions. Never use essential oils neat or EAT essential oils and always check with an aromatherapist whether it is safe for you to use a particular oil that you have purchased yourself.

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