Summer scent

Updated: Jul 11

Time to unwind

This image was taken in my garden as the last of the Summer sun was hitting the Jasmine flowers before it dipped down below the tops of the trees. I decided to stay awhile longer to reflect on the day. Sitting outside until the evening drew in with a mild breeze against my skin, after the hot summers day. Watching and listening to the birds swoop and dive for their supper high above me in the clear blue sky above, while my white jasmine vine was still buzzing with the sound of visiting bees, at it's best in full bloom. The fragrance just beginning to give off the most amazing aroma that will continue to build as the evening draws in. Filling all my senses as I begin to unwind and finally relax. The smell is always strongest at dusk when the warmth is now coming up from the earth and out from the surrounding brickwork of my home and walled garden rather than directly from the sun. There is a sense of calm, quiet and ease as dusk approaches.

Jasmine the King of floral essential oils

Jasmine is such an amazing plant. Beautiful architectural pale green leaves, a robust plant but with such delicate flowers. The common variety, shown above was chosen for our garden, for it's amazing scent but its cousin offers an equally enticing taste in the form of a cleansing tea which I also love. The ritual of mindful tea drinking has it's own amazing benefits too.

Another variety of this wonderful plant, allows me to be able to bring the scent of Jasmine into my Reflexology practise in the form of essential oils. I use it primarily in an uplifting aromareflex blend for clients. If you need an energy boost and mood uplift at the same time as calming your nerves, this is a great choice. It has an added bonus that it is also very good for sensitive or dry skin, so perfect for massaging into the hands or feet. Although uplifting it also has a sedative effect so can help relieve the effects of a build-up of stress. This very versatile oil is also great for hormone balancing, pain relief and is an effective addition for reducing the effects of anxiety. I make a blend of balm or cream with essential oils to suit your individual needs for application to the feet or hands that you can then keep for your own use afterwards. If prefered a rollerball applicator, inhaler or spritz can be made up with the same blend for your own use at home, along with aftercare advise I can guide you through. Although not used in the context of Reflexology, it is also interesting to know that Jasmine is also an expectorant, so great if you have an irritating cough or build-up of catarrh and is a popular aphrodisiac. Not recommended for use during pregnancy unless you have reached your due date.

Anxiety Relief

As an anxiety sufferer, I know first hand how hard it can be to manage during times of stress sometimes. Over the last few months, I have at times struggled to come to terms with everything that is going on at the moment but also know that I am not alone in this. G