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Top 12 Mood Boosting Tips

How are you feeling today? It is not always possible to put on a brave face and keep carrying on. Sometimes for whatever reason our moods can dip, so here are my top 12 ways to boost your mood. Some of my fondest memories are of making snowmen as a child and with my own children over the years. Here is one we made when my eldest daughter was two and a half. It took a while so as soon as my back was turned she took a bite out of her snowman's nose because she had got a bit peckish. This is now a priceless memory that I can recall that always puts a smile back on my face. What fond memories can you recall, photo album of memories to look through, holiday moments to remind yourself that times have been and will be brighter again.

  1. Do something creative, paint, draw, craft. Not creative? It doesn't matter, revisit a past hobby you used to love doing but no longer seem to find the time to do it and have a go.

  2. Go for a walk, skip or dance. Why not make a snowman if like us we have a little snow at the moment.

  3. Make a list of things you are thankful for. Journal or diary 3 things each day can be really powerful. What makes your heart sing when you think about them. Say them out loud and write them down.

  4. Phone a friend that you have not spoken to in ages and see how they are.

  5. Read a good book, listen to a podcast or watch a great movie or box set.

  6. Do a puzzle, quiz, get old family games out of the cupboard or make a cake.

  7. Alphabetise a collection or start a new one. Even a virtual one can be fun.

  8. Not for everyone I know but some people love to sort out, wash up, iron and clean. Clear out a kitchen cupboard or turn your shed or garage into a den, man cave or craft cabin while the garden is less appealing.

  9. Keep dreaming. Create a mood board, scrapbook of dreams. Things you would like to save up for, make or places you would like to go in the future. Languages to learn, instruments to play.

  10. Hug a family member in your bubble or self apply some Reflexology. Book in for a treatment or appointment so I can talk you through some lovely things to try for yourself.

  11. Laugh, smile and joke around. Be silly. As we get older we can forget sometimes not to take ourselves so seriously. Rediscover your inner child.

  12. Practise mindfulness or try some meditation. If you would like me to record a guided session for you or recommend a local class or practitioner in the Maidenhead, UK area, just ask.

More Resources

Message me if you would like some Online Reflexology Support to aid your Sleep, Perimenopausal symptom relief tips, Stress Busters or what you can do to boost your immune system at the moment, while I can't treat you in person. Here in the UK we are safeguarding at home until at least the Spring, so I will be unable to make any client 121 calls for a few months yet but am available via zoom. I can provide you with Online Visualisation, guided Reflexology Self Help and encourage you to unwind or prepare for Sleep if you need some extra support to relax and drift off to sleep at the moment. There are lots of hints, tips and techniques you can try.

Other organisations

Call free, day or night, 365 days a year

BACP is a membership organisation that sets standards for therapeutic practice. Their online directory can be used to locate a professional counsellor, who will usually charge for their services.

Tel: 01455 883300

Phoneline available Mon - Fri, 10.00 - 16.00

Mind (England and Wales)

Advice, support and information around mental health issues including self-harm. Mind has a legal advice line in England and Wales.

Tel: 0300 123 3393

Text: 86463

9am–6pm Mon–Fri, call charges may apply.

Look out for up coming live and on-demand workshops over the next few months. Shelley Mason MAR Reflexologist Website facebook 07904 041858

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