More than Mobile!

Updated: Jul 16

Here's a picture of my youngest daughter being carefree, enjoying the freedom that the wide-open space offers her. We all want more space and the freedom that gives us to breathe. She was running from one art installation to another admiring the stillness of the sculptures. I love the contrast between the dynamic and static. The spontaneous and meticulously planned. The well-kept lawn and wild grasses. The energy, vibrant colour and warmth of her hair in the sun as it does whatever it wants, compared to the unmoving cool fleece and seeming permanence of stone statues. I'm sure you will take even more meaning from this image than I can imagine if you look at it for long enough.

This shot was taken by my eldest daughter. A photographer in the making I think. I am a proud parent to my girls on so many levels! Expanding Service Options I've really loved the freedom offering a mobile Reflexology Service has given both myself and my clients over the years and this will still be continuing but I have now taken the plunge and decided that the Summer of 2021 is the time and the year, to offer even more choices for you. You can now choose between Mobile, Online or On-site service options!

Create Breathing Room

I'm so excited to be able to share with you all, that from 2nd August 2021 not only can you book me for a home or office visit in the Maidenhead, UK area but you will also be able to visit me, in my very own 'Create Breathing Room'!

A welcoming room filled with positive energy, creativity and joy but also offering you a calm, safe stillness like the summer picture above. Here is a sneak peek at where you can leave your hair clips, jewellery and mobile, in a glass dish I made myself with love to keep your belongings safe while you relax back and loose yourself in the enjoyment of your treatment. These draws are where I store all the sumptuous oils, bespoke balms and creams and ingredients that make your treatment smell and feel so special.

My famous mobile radiator has snuck into this photo, making its appearance felt. She is fondly nicknamed 'hot flush'. She will come into her own to keep you, your socks and towels toasty in the colder weather. For the opening in August though, the cool wooden floor, north-facing aspect and natural airflow through the window will keep us both lovely and comfortably cool as well as the space well ventilated.

Although it can be a safe haven, warm, comfortable and familiar to be able to treat you at home, we don't all have the space or privacy we need there, to be able to fully relax with pets, family, neighbours dropping in all the time. So I have made the decision to now also offer treatments in my own healing space, so if it is an escape from all the hustle and bustle at home that you need for an hour, I can physically offer you that space, as well as provide you with a mentally tranquil, calm and relaxing space if that's what you would prefer.