Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

Updated: Feb 17

Natural relief from common causes of Inflammation

My Story

My journey with RLD although I didn't know it at the time started when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Like many Mums in their final trimester I was suffering from excess water retention and peripheral swelling in my hands and feet. As part of my preparation for labour I booked in to see a Reflexologist to help me relax and dissolve the anxiety that I felt being so overdue. My expectations from the session were to come away feeling relaxed and well rested and hopefully sleep a bit better that evening. What I wasn't expecting was to also be shown points along my leg I could massage myself as part of Labour preparation. Whenever the reflexologist touched these points my baby would kick and squirm about as I experienced Braxton Hicks contractions! I was surprised and amazed by this but chalked it up to co-incidence at the time. Armed with instructions and indelible pen makes on my legs my husband tried the same points the following evening and exactly the same thing happened. That was it for me. There was more to Reflexology than just a great way to relax. I need to find out more. The other real surprise was that my swollen hands and ankles had gone down a lot during the course of the treatment. Again I chalked this up to it being because my legs were elevated for longer than I would normally manage. What happened over the next couple of days could not however be put down to putting my feet up alone. My ankles went down completely and looked thinner than before I became pregnant and stayed that way for 72 hours!

Fast forward 10 years, children growing up fast and a change in career direction, I decided to take what was an interest and hobby and retrain to become a fully qualified Reflexologist. A few years after that I had the opportunity to train in RLD with Sally Kay in February 2018. Finally I had the science and explanation why Reflexology had given me such blissful relief from swelling all those years ago.

Here are all the lovely Reflexologists that I trained with on that day. Travelling from all over the country to Train in Oxford. I'm hiding at the back in the middle of the photo.

The RLD Protocol

Trained in this beautiful treatment my clients can now experience how powerful stimulating t