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Reflexologists are back!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

It has been a long time coming but Reflexologists in England (with a few exceptions) are now able to treat clients again in person which is fantastic news! From 1st August we were also hoping that facials would also be permitted, so we were also expecting that Facial Reflexology would be back on the menu too but alas, based on the announcement today 31st July 2020 this will not be the case for a little while longer! I am really looking forward to opening my books up again for you from the Autumn after a Summer break but if you are desperate for a foot treatment before then, you can still do that. I do have a limited number of timeslots available throughout August and early September but you will need to act fast if you want to be able to grab one of these. Click here to book.

As always your safety and comfort are my primary concern. As a member of the Association of Reflexologists, I am adhering to the COVID-19 SECURE WORKPLACE POLICY to ensure both your and my safety during our appointment is maintained at all times. If you have had Reflexology with me before there will be a few minor changes and additions which I hope will feel reassuring and impact the enjoyment of your appointment as little as possible.

For full details of COVID-19 secure policy details, including what is expected of both the therapist and the client please refer to the latest version/s which are available to view here.

In summary, this is what is new:

1. I will ask you to help me complete a COVID-19 risk assessment form to ensure that it is safe for me to be able to treat you in your own home at this time.

2. I will greet you at the door on arrival, with my hair tied back, wearing a facial covering and I will be asking you to do the same for me if you can. If this is too uncomfortable for you to be able to do, then a scarf will also be fine. 3. All consultations will now be done via video call on zoom or over the phone, to keep the face to face appointment time down to a minimum without compromising the length of your treatment.

4. I can only accept online payments, so will no longer be able to accept cash but bank transfer in advance is still fine.

5. Extra hygiene measures are in place for both of our protection, such as me changing my clothes between each client visit, fresh chair covers, towels, extra hand washing etc. I really look forward to booking you in for a Reflexology Treatment soon. Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you have never had Reflexology before or this is your first appointment with me then you may also find this blog useful. 'Your First Reflexology Appointment'

Shelley Mason MAR


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