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What is a Zone Face Lift?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

A luxurious,

non invasive, facial rejuvenation plan

using traditional Reflexology Techniques.

In the words of my trainer and master of her art, it can

''Take off 10 years in 12 weeks and Lift Your Spirit for Life'' - Ziggie Bergman.

If you are in London, look her up for an unforgettable experience.

See HER press coverage here for more insights into this amazing treatment.


"I couldn't believe the results when I looked

at my reflection in the mirror.

Shelley you are amazing!

Thank you"

Results speak for themselves!

Look at these images! The same lady from week 1 to week 12 taken every 2 weeks.

  • Eye lids raised over time

  • Jaw line more defined

  • Skin smoother and more supple

  • Her cheek bones are more prominent

  • The most profound transformation though and the most important for me is how she feels about herself

For the purposes of this study these images were taken with

  • no makeup,

  • no hair alteration or colouring

  • no lighting tricks or camera blur filters

  • no photograph manipulation

  • no tricks of the cosmetic industry trade

What to expect

It is a luxurious non-invasive facial rejuvination plan like no other, that lifts your face and spirits. I have been trained by Ziggie Bergman in the Bergman method which also incorporates extended rejuvenation techniques to make up the Zone Face Lift programme. Using all my skills as a Reflexologist you will receive:

  • 12 luxurious treatments once a week for 12 weeks.

  • 2 facial masks

  • visualisation

  • luxurious elixir oil options

  • hot towels.

  • Jade and Quartz tools and ancient techniques to relax and invigorate.

If you want faster results it can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks but I recommend giving yourself the time and space between treatments for self reflection, rejuvenation and recovery for best results.

Every programme of treatments is developed to give you a unique set of tips and tools that you need to create a bespoke offering including aftercare advise on how to maintain the results for yourself in between and long after your last treatment.

It works far better if I can use oils and remove your make-up for you as part of the cleansing process but it can be done without the removal of your make-up if preferred and we can still get some great results for you.


Monthly to 6 weekly top-ups are recommended for optimal maintenance but not essential because I will show you how to continue and make a habit of a facial routine so that you can apply it yourself at home. You will receive the treatments in the privacy of your own home so you don't need to worry about how you look in a salon where everyone else can see you. No need to drive afterwards when you feel so comfortable that you would prefer to stay put.

If you would like more information about this service pop your questions on my contacts page or hit the book now button for a free phone consultation and book in your programme of Zone Face Lifts today.

Shelley Mason MAR


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