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Creating Calm for Kids

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Maintaining a routine, whatever that may look like for you right now is reassuring for kids. They know their boundaries and what is expected of them and what to expect from you.

Building a little therapeutic touch into their bedtime routine can really help both of you especially during times of stress. Don't skip these things or the hugs, giggling and tickles, rough and tumble, unless you are individually self isolating at home. If no one has been out and you are not displaying any cold symptoms then keep doing it.

Here is a quick Reflexology tip for children of any age to help calm them.

🌿 For babies, just allow their tiny hands and feet to grab your thumb while you gently rotate. Great for nappy changing time too.

For young children use the song ring a ring a roses or this little piggy went to market and incorporate this hold into the play.

🌿 For older children, facing your child. Hold their hands out in front of them, with both your palms facing up with theirs resting gently in yours.

🌿 Cup your child's hand or hands into yours until you can see a hollow in the centre of the palm/s.

🌿 Then place your thumbs down on this point and press gently but reassuringly. Don't squeeze tightly or be too gentle so it tickles.

🌿 Hold this for as long as is comfortable and natural for you both. Encouraging deep rhythmical breathing. I find they follow you rather than having to tell them how to breath up until teenage when teaching or showing them the various breathe techniques so they can make their own choice can be helpful.

The same can be applied for yourself if ever you feel in need of some calm and can be applied to the feet too if preferred. If you would like more guidance on this or information about my services pop your questions on my contacts page or hit the book now button for a free phone consultation or grab yourself a gift voucher from £5 towards the cost of any future face to face bookings.

Shelley Mason MAR


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