5 Seasonal Slump Survival Tips

Updated: Jan 25

Have you hit the traditional post-Christmas and New Year celebration seasonal slump yet? Read on for my Top 5 survival tips.

Tip 1 - Do something for yourSELF that you LOVE that you never make TIME for.

If like me you are someone that needs reminding sometimes that it is OK not to be busy or productive all of the time, and that it is OK to spend time doing something that YOU enjoy just for the sake of it not because it serves any useful purpose, then my first tip is for you.

Spend this time on yourself. What is it that YOU love to do? It doesn’t have to be as grand as a bucket list item. Think back to your childhood, what did you used to love doing. Did you like to dance, sing, lose yourself in a good book or listen to a favourite album. Maybe there is a film or TV series that is your own guilty pleasure. Do you love to paint, draw or colour in? I’ve had a go at calligraphy recently which has challenged me but been great fun to try. Last year it was glassmaking. What new thing would you love to learn more about? Perhaps washing your hair, soaking your feet, giving yourself a manicure or facial is more your thing. Try a new complementary therapy to aid your sleep and relaxation. Whatever it is. Give it a go. It is not self-indulgence, it is essential self-wellbeing maintenance.

Tip 2 - Avoid FAMILY fights with some old-fashioned FUN and LAUGHTER

Perhaps you are doing just fine, it is those around you that are driving you crazy. Sometimes it is the simple things that work the best. Turn the TV off, put all phones and gadgets to one side for a few hours and dig out the old board games or playing cards instead. Play some word games or read out some of the worst cracker jokes you can find.

Our favourite games this year that had us in stitches were both drawing games but with a twist.

Drawing on a paper plate (or any piece of paper) but it needs to be on something stiff enough to be able to draw on it while it is on top of your head. Take it in turns to describe a scene everyone else needs to draw. The best one wins a prize or gets to describe the next scene but everyone gets to see everyone else’s drawings.

The second game is similar except to pick an object your partner needs to draw. You can’t say what it is, and can only describe it using shape names and position on the paper. The person drawing it then needs to try and guess what it is. The results are usually hilarious. What new games can to try virtually with extended family or friends that you can't visit this year?

Tip 3 - Make TIME FOR you and your FRIENDS